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Paris – Everything it’s cracked up to be

Paris. I will say this now, if I could speak French (and I plan on learning) then I would move to this great city tomorrow.

Beautiful, friendly, passionate, romantic, exciting and togetherness. These are some of the words that some up this wonderful place and if you have the chance to visit grab it with both hands.

A long weekend getaway will give you enough time to explore Paris. I personally love the Eiffel Tower, despite it’s slight uglyness on the landscape, and it’s only roughly €13 to go to the top with a European Passport (under 26). The other main attractions in the city are of course the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame. Well deserved world icons in their own right, and free to enter with a European Passport again, they are truly staggering when seen for the first time.

There are other fantastic sites to see though, such as Versailles outside of the city and the Sacre Coeur. The Sacre Coeur is a personal favourite of mine. Overlooking the city with great views and grassy areas to sit, relax with a glass of wine before heading to the top and exploring the many Parisian cafes. This is the true Paris lifestyle, seated outside in spring, delicious food, surrounded by artists of all age and style and the French locals who are warm and proud of their city.

The best day that I have had in Paris was when I decided to simply walk and wander between some destinations I chose that morning. Wandering some of the smaller and random streets in the centre of the city and you will come across fantastically cheap (yet brilliant) restaurants, art shops, classic Parisian architecture and who knows what else!

Maybe go for a drive or cycle along the Seine to get along slightly faster whilst still discovering more. On my last venture to Paris we hired a Ferrari which can easily be done (they are well priced and all round the famous sites) and drove along the river on both sides. It was an experience that I will not be forgetting quickly and it was something a bit different to the average trip!

Always be looking for those little extras to do in Paris, they are everywhere and it will make what I’m sure will be an already memorable experience even better.


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