Why Travel?

Time and again I’m asked by some of my friends why I am going away abroad YET AGAIN?! My answer is usually pretty simple….because I want to and why not?

But it makes me think why do we actually travel? Many people love to go away on a short holiday and enjoy the sun, beach and more than a few cocktails. Don’t get me wrong..sat here in the UK on a cold January day I would snap your hand off if you offered me that chance! But ‘travelling’ is more than that usually.

Barcelona 2015 017

People travel for all sorts of reasons. My personal reasons are that I want to see as much of this world as possible before I ‘kick the bucket’, to see some of the most beautiful places the world has to offer and to meet as many of the incredible people and listen to their amazing stories.

I think that having some sort of real motivation to travel will always make your experience better. From my own experiences, during the moment I may enjoy being lazy on the beach, but I’ve always had more fun and been far happier when actually getting involved with the locals in Fiji for example or going off to discover as much as I can about the beautiful surroundings.


I always try to think carefully about why I want to go to my next destination. Is it the culture? the people? the cities or the natural landscape?

The single most important thing to remember is that it actually doesn’t matter! Of course it doesn’t! Whatever is the reason for YOU wanting to go is good enough, but just try to know what that reason is. Inevitably it will allow for you to enjoy yourself far more and ultimately enjoyment and happiness from your trips has to be at least one goal.

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