Living Abroad – Plans coming together at last!

So I’m sat here in my local town, researching hard on TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) and deciding on where I would want to live for 6-12 months. I’ve recently found it hard to get a job. I started off looking for a job that included some travel, but have realised that actually I just want the job for the travelling part!

Having done some extensive research in the last few weeks I’ve now set my sights on TEFL and moving abroad!

This may seem like I’m running away from the UK because I’m finding it hard to get a job but seeing the world is what I feel like I was born to do. Working while I do this and immersing myself in another culture sounds like the perfect opportunity for someone as young as myself with no real responsibilities or ties.

I have wanted to live abroad for a few years now, since I first left home for real 4 years ago. The thought of reaching a ripe old age in the future and looking back and not having fulfilled this ambition will hurt me, considering my love of seeing the world and experiencing new places.

Of course the idea of moving abroad, whether it’s to Europe first and then potentially further afield or vice versa is daunting. I have been away from home for long periods of time previously, but this is different.

But do you know what? Sometimes to fulfil your goals (in my case seeing as much of the world as possible) you need to leave your comfort zone completely. People often say this once they have done it, but I think these days we can be very hesitant, and understandably so sometimes. It’s been my belief for a long time now that when you’re young you should leave your comfort zone regularly. Most young people don’t have huge responsibilities in the grander scheme of life, but this inevitably will change later in life.

By then you may not be able to experience as many new things and potentially regret not doing trying them at least. What I’m trying to say is that I’m very nervous of moving abroad, and it could be for a fairly long time. But I know that it’s what I need to do no matter how scary it may seem. Don’t let fear and the unpredictable stop you from changing and doing.

2 thoughts on “Living Abroad – Plans coming together at last!

  1. I’m from NZ and lots of my friends have done TEFL courses and now work abroad in South Korea as english teachers. They absolutely loved it and it’s well paid, very different culture from Europe and the UK but that’s half the appeal I guess.

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