Rome in Winter – Even better!

So I have been to Rome 3 times in the last 18 months. The first 2 times were during the summer period (June and then August) and I can tell you it was hot. Not Let’s go dip our feet in the paddling pool its 23 degrees in the UK kind of hot…but blisteringly so!

I really enjoyed the city and what it has to offer but I must admit I struggled with the weather. So this time round I decided to give it a go in winter time. I got back from 4 days in Rome last week (end of February) and I have now fallen in love with the place.

It’s probably impossible to see every site on offer in Rome over the space of 3 trips because of the sheer number of fascinating places! My friends had never been to the city before, so I was more than happy to visit the classic tourist sites, the Colosseum, the Vatican and the Roman Forum and so on. My thoughts before we went were that I probably wouldn’t be as blown away by these places having been before. But I personally don’t think this is possible for me in this country. Each time I walk around these unbelievably historical and interesting sites I cannot comprehend them.

I’m not sure Rome is a city I could live in for a long time (I’m a bit of a country boy if I’m honest) but I could so easily keep going back for a number of years yet.


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