Deciding where to TEFL!

I am now well and truly TEFL qualified! I have done the weekend course and all of the online modules and the certificates should be on their way! But now I find myself in the seemingly impossible position of deciding where to go!

As you can probably guess from my website I am into travelling and seeing as much of the world as possible…but at the moment this is making this important decision on moving smooch harder! I’m normally pretty good at being decisive but the options are in abundance!

One thing I already know is that if you are wanting to travel more but you need to earn money doing it then teaching english abroad really is the way to go. I’ve seen countless positions offering free accommodation and more than reasonable salaries (especially in parts of Asia where the cost of living is so low!). This way you can have a well-regarded and fun job at the same time as living in amongst a new culture. School holidays and weekends will allow you to see the rest of the region as well with solid four weeks off a few times a year!

What more could you want?! I mean your evening could be spent at a peaceful monument or a beautiful beach!

I did my course through the TEFL academy, but there are so many accredited companies you can train with and they are all similarly priced. My own advice would be to do the 120 hour course as a minimum. I was going to do a quick 20 hour weekend and then had a look at jobs online and most decent positions want 120 hours training as a minimum.


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