6 lessons from my first travel experience

It’s been just under four years now since I arrived home from my first major travel experience and boy that time’s flown by!

I became way more ‘clued’ up on the little things and have benefited form that ever since. The thing is, there are endless tips of saving money or where to go blah blah so I thought I would give a few ‘different’ tips.

1) Always have a spare top/deodorant within reach at all times

This is probably more relevant for blokes out there…travelling in hot places…but I won’t lie I have been caught out in the muggiest, warmest situations possible. Sitting on a night train, wooden seats for 12 hours having walked around a city for half a day with my rucksack created some slightly anti-social-perspirant.

2) Road signs know more than you

When it says 30 in very large bold numbers at the side of the mountain road, READ IT. Waiting around with no phone signal for a kind passer-by to help out is not fun. Your mates are also likely to be rather pissed off….


Brekky at the side of the road…

3)  Eating street food? Never question what it is

In reality, the ‘best beef lok lack in Cambodia’ in unlikely to be served at the side of a road for less than a dollar…but inevitably you will have it and pretend it is beef rather than a stray dog…Apply this blind confidence in the chef to every street stool world-wide.

4) Ear plugs.

Now not everyone is fortunate enough to be a quiet non-snoring (but occasionally laughing) sleeper such as myself. Sharing a dorm with random individuals who could register on the Richter Scale (Big up Geography Degree!) with the snoring is not fun. Earplugs…enough said.

5) Last minute, stupid ideas are ALWAYS the best ones

Whatever the idea, if it’s thought up on a whim with potentially ridiculous outcomes then hey ho, why not?! Spontaneity is the best worst characteristic you can have.

*don’t come back to me if it goes terribly wrong*

6) Getting the best photo is almost as important as going at all

You know I’m not serious about this one, but having an on fire photo from your trip makes the post travel blues so much harder to get through when you’re back. In fairness, that’s what you want….because it results in more traveling plans being made!


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