5 Top Tips for Road Tripping Australia

Having once again been reminiscing about my past travels the other day, I found some photos of my trip down Australia’s East Coast.

I did a little blog about my trip a few months ago, but since I know this is a popular route I though I would share my 5 best tips to help!

Plan an effective route

This is obvious I suppose, but I think everyone I met on our journey had made a few errors in terms of travel times and fitting in plans. Travelling from Airlie Beach down to Fraser Island takes a lot longer than you may think…unless of course you’ve checked it and you’re organised…It’s about 1000Km which we certainly didn’t account for. Making the most of your time by planning leads onto my next point…

Airlie Beach. Not a bad spot to stop.

Double check key features of your camper/car

During our inexplicably beautiful time out on the Whitsundays, our camper vans battery had died back on Airlie Beach. Trying to jump start a large camper van when there wasn’t anybody around to help (and in 40 degree heat!) is to fun to say the least.

Checking the essentials in your camper van or car is highly recommended. Messing around trying to sort out the problems later on is a pain you won’t want. It always seems to occur when you’re in a rush to drive 1000km to Fraser Island in half a day (see above…)

Rest is underrated

Good god I can’t express this enough for a long trip. By no means am I saying lie in bed until midday wasting your precious adventuring time! But driving late into the night to make up time can be dangerous, especially on the monotonously straight roads of Queensland. If you do happen to briefly ‘nod off’ at the wheel while your mates are asleep, pull over, don’t tell them and go to bed…trust me…

Whitehaven Beach ICE CREAM SAND

Find ways of entertaining yourselves

Eye spy is great at first. But yes, it wears off quickly. ‘KANGAROO!!!’. ‘LOOK AT THAT COOL TREE’. Words/phrases we often used at the start of our journey but inevitably, parts will be slightly less…interesting. Try and break up the long legs with something to entertain yourselves, whatever that may be.

Blue Mountains view blocked by a drop bear

We used to just pull up, get out the van and go explore something nearby, or run around like kids/idiots…Hmmm maybe the heat got to us?


A fan…

Queensland in the Australian Summer is soooo hot. Yes it wears the battery down, so use it only when desperate, but a car fan is so appreciated to give yourself some cooler air before you try to get a kip in what has become more of a sweat box on wheels that a mobile home in the 3 weeks you’ve had it.

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