Always Room for Gelato

I’m not one for normally wanting to do overly tourist activities. However,  sitting on the steps on the Piazzale Michelangelo watching the sun go down over Florence (cliche, I know) was an experience that I think will stay with me for a long time.

Sunrises and sunsets have always been a thing for me. The way you can see a hundred, the appreciation of nature and the stillness of things around you as you watch on. They are like moving paintings, the colours and light changing over the space of an hour or so.


But less of the deep stuff….damn, the gelato in Florence really does stand up to its reputation. The coffee? Amazing. The food? I would become more than obese if I lived here. The culture and locals? The most welcoming that I have met throughout an already wonderfully receptive country.

Florence is of course well-known for its architecture and museums, most notably il Duomo and the Academia and the Uffizi galleries. I must admit, we didn’t go to the galleries. The queues were of the like I have rarely seem before, even for major attractions throughout Europe.

You may think that this would ruin our trip, but actually the best part of the 4 days in Florence was simply wandering the streets, enjoying the food and drinks and at times discovering little places we hadn’t thought of going before we stumbled across them.

In my opinion, the most notable of these was visiting San Miniato al Monte. Sitting at top the hill above Oltrarno, this simple, yet beautiful structure can I think be forgotten. Most will head to Piazzale Michelangelo, another incredible view which we enjoyed a great deal. I highly recommend heading up to San Miniato al Monte, even if it just for the far quieter atmosphere around.

Sometimes when I am abroad I get this feeling of fresh, foreign air. When I feel this I know that I have a new place n my list of favourites. It’s hard to explain, but I absolutely got this feeling in Florence and it is somewhere that I would seriously consider living for a year or so in the near future.

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