Preparing for Vietnam

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Three weeks. Three weeks to go until the biggest move in my life will be upon me. Teaching English in Vietnam is something that didn’t come to me in a vision overnight. This idea of moving across the globe has been developing for some time and now that that it’s round the corner…well I can’t wait!

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit South East Asia, including Vietnam before whilst travelling. It was perhaps the best experience of my life to date but this time, living as a local, working in a professional job and immersing myself in a new culture for real is bound to be a rather different experience altogether.

The most exciting upcoming event in Vietnam? Riding my moped to school of course! Yes, I watched that Top Gear episode many years ago and no, I don’t wish to end up quite like that did…

But seriously, the new experiences that I’m bound to encounter over the next 6 months I can tell will be ones that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

I’m not sure you can fully prepare yourself for moving across to the other side of the world for at least a few months (potentially a lot longer depending on future jobs). The way I am dealing with it at the moment is pure deluded ‘it’ll be okayness’. Which in fairness, I think is the right frame of mind to be in. To panic or worry over paperwork or arrangements is way to stressful.

The one element that I am trying to focus on at the moment is simply working hard at how to teach English. Probably quite important that…

Although I have worked with children before, of a young age, having to teach an incredibly useful aspect of their education when I do not know any of the local language will be hard. Unsurprisingly, the teaching is my biggest concern. What if I get into my first lesson and I simply can’t get my points across? What if I can’t control a class of 50 children?

This is where I have to trust the training I have already received and the development that I will undergo very early on. I know that if I can at least partially master the teaching, everything else will fall into place.


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