5 Best Bites in Florence

Having recently visited Florence, now one of my favourite cities in Europe, I am clearly in a position to advise on coffee/smoothie/small food hideouts…

I have never appreciated calm surroundings and good coffee as much as I have since I started blogging. This city is one of the greatest I have ever visited so I thought I’d share my favourite little spots for those of you who are caffeine addicts and food scoffers!

Serre Torrigiani – Urban Garden (Piazza dei Tre Re)


I managed to spot the  very small sign  directing me to to this wonderful cafe, despite it being blocked by a very keen salesman selling his seemingly legitimate Louis Vuitton bags…


Hidden away just down the road from the Piazza della Republica, this courtyard jungle takes you away from the crowds and noise. The fruit smoothies were delicious and the service was ‘eccellente!’. There’s also free wifi and, in the summer it’s, the perfect place to do a spot of blogging about Florence…

Whilst there, I could hear some live classical music somewhere in a nearby alleyway. I’m not sure if this is a recurring theme but if so it only adds to the Firenze atmosphere.


La Fettunta – Pizza place (Via dei Neri, 72)

I stumbled across this gem of a pizza place when visiting Florence with my friend recently. Three (yes 3!) euros for two big slices of the best pizza that I’ve ever had! It’s very easy to miss whilst walking down the road so keep your eyes peeled!

I’ve got to say, I spent a lot more money for worse pizza in many restaurants. They weren’t a patch on this place. The rustic feel and friendly vibe from the staff reminds you of where you are…Italy! Make sure to try out that Italian you’ve been practising all week…

They also do a selection of cold meats and tuscan wine…never turn down wine in Italy…



Mister Pizza – Gluten free (Piazza del Duomo, 5r)

Another pizza place, but not just any pizza place. This is gluten free! Yes I’ve been a lot more health conscious in the last few months…#BBFITNESSPLANS…but seriously, this pizza is nearly as great as at La Fettunta, except it’s healthy!

It’s also a bit of a bonus to have the Duomo to walk around whilst you indulge yourself.


Shake cafe (Via del Corso, 32)

Delicious smoothies and juices along with healthy food. What more could you want? After a few days of carrying a ‘carb baby’ around a fresh juice and salad will probably do you some good.

There’s a mix of chilled atmosphere and pretty modern decor. Organised staff…somewhat not Italian? Nonetheless, a great hang out spot in the centre of town.


Libri Liberi ‘Sit’n’Breakfast’ (Via S. Gallo, 25)

Saving my favourite until last. Libra Libri cafe is almost completely hidden from tourists, despite being right in view. The front is a children’s book shop. We only went in because there is a small sign saying ‘garden cafe’ out the front. Walk through the bookshop and you’ll enter into a genuine locals cafe with said garden area.

A typical mature students kind of dig, seating and wifi for working, sofas for relaxing and an outside area which is a must in the hot Firenzien summer. It was one of the few times that I felt like I was away from all of the tourists, and if you’re like me (don’t enjoy huge crowds), then this cafe is the place for you!


*Honourable mentions for places to eat…EVERY GELATO SHOP! The stuff is almost addictive!*

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