Adventures in Ba Vi

So I have recently made the move to teaching English abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hanoi is the craziest place I have ever lived (no surprises since I come from a small village in the UK) and more on the city will come shortly.

Recently I got out go the city for the first time. I’ve fallen in love with Hanoi but the chance to get out and explore the nearby National Park was a blessing.



Putting my bike through her paces on the open roads was worth the journey, let alone the beautiful scenery of Ba Vi. I forgot how polluted Hanoi is until we arrived at the park. I could literally taste the fresh air!

It’s 40000 VND to enter the park and an extra 6000 to take the bike in so it’s well worth it. Driving straight to the top was a bit of a mission with 3 people on the bike but the old girl managed it. A chance to stretch the legs and scramble through the undergrowth to the top of the mountain and visit good old Uncle Ho in his temple. The view for us was…well…not existent. The cloud enveloped the area in a blanket of white so you couldn’t see anything. If I’m honest this was great! It was strangely surreal and eery.


The best was yet to come. I had seen on another blog a mention of an old church from the French period someway down the mountain. We stopped off to visit and we were not disappointed.


A few buildings half torn down and overgrown with trees and encased in vines it was like something out of Tomb Raider. Importantly THERE WAS HARDLY ANYONE THERE! WOOHOO! A bit of peace and quiet in the middle of the jungle was what I had been desperate for.










I’ve mentioned a couple of times on this blog before about travel companions and how they can make your adventures even better. Well this couldn’t be more accurate for me at the moment living in Vietnam. Exploring the church and jungle with Curtis and Ellen was my best moment in this country to date.





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